Digital Language Laboratory featuring Powerful Tools for Teachers, interpreting Schools and future Interpreters

InterpretLab®  is a powerful, and the most easy to use software for teaching/learning simultaneous interpreting and languages in the classroom and remotely

Main Features


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Eleven Functions

InterpretLab® the Powerful Language Laboratory for Interpreter Training

Featuring two independent audio channels for the practice of simultaneous translation.

One of main Interpretlab’s features: Teacher can display on students screens live video clip, while he is watching it in video streaming from YouTube. While the class is watching the video on their screens, the assigned student is translating the soundtrack. The class hears the soundtrack and interpretation overlaid.

Teacher’s live comments are overlapped to the soundtrack.

Alternatively, the class can listen to the interpretation only.

Several students can participate in dialogues at the same time as interpreting student.

Teacher records the live interpretation of participating interpreters to evaluate them.