The most friendly commands in a powerful and easy  to use software for classroom and remote training

Video commands

^  : Teacher’s screen to a student and  « COM »

^^ : Teacher’s screen to all or group and « ALL »

  : Student’s screen to teacher and « LISTEN »

^v^ : Student’s screen to all or group and « P.COM »

Audio commands

COM  : Conversation with selected student

M.COM : MultiCOM  Conversation with all (students to student disabled)

ALL  : Teacher’s voice and PC sound to all

LISTEN : Discrete listening to selected student

SAS  : Student As Source, selected student’s mic and other sounds to all

P.COM   : Public conversation with selected student, heard by all

Management commands

OFF   : Turn off current function

Internet : Block Internet access, white and black lists

Keyboard/mouse : Transfer in both directions

MUTE   : Mute teacher’s microphone

MOVIE  : Send movie/video clip

CAMERA  : Select student’s camera


BLACK  : Darken students screens

File Manager Single or collective file : Transfer teacher/students in both directions

Application Manager  : Open application, document/URL for all/group

Chat : Collective chat with all/selected student

Rollcall : Display students’ names on their respective icons on control panel

Quiz : Free text or multiple choice

Special audio commands

Interpreting  : Teacher and students listen to the interpretation of the translator

Groups : Conversation groups, teacher can participate

Pair  : Conversation in pairs, teacher can participate

COM button on student’s icon

Teacher can activate / deactivate a conversation with a student with click on mic at student’s icon.

Teacher creates a dynamic conference group on the fly by activating/deactivating multiple students. Group’s conversation may be heard by other students if the teacher activates P.COM (Public Conversation).