Remote Learning

Teacher and students can participate in the lesson from their homes

InterpretLab® is the ideal tool for distance learning under teacher’s supervision and management in exactly the same way as in the classroom.

All audio and video functions are centralized and managed by the teacher.

Teacher is present in the classroom or at home.

Students can be partly present in the classroom (via LAN) and partly at home (via Internet).

Students concentrate fully on interpreting exercises; a request for help to the teacher is the only command available to them.

Students in live connection as displayed on teachers control monitor

Teacher can toggle between his webcam and document cameras to display on students’ screens his desktop or his document camera in full size.

Teacher remains in audio connection with all students at all times.

Interpretlab Teacher’s Control Panel – Freely configurable classroom layout for 16 students.

Teacher’s control screen: Teacher in live discussion with remote students using InterpretLab®.